November 16th, 2011

Hanafusa Mari as Carmen

Brothers Karamazov review and Katusha/Resurrection musings.

I watched Takarazuka Yukigumi’s 2008 Brother’s Karamazov again last night (thank you Gisselle, you wonderful woman). It’s a hell of a play, proof of what Zuka can do with challenging roles and subjects.

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This also makes me curious about Resurrection. I know, Tolstoy, not Dostoevsky, but Resurrection is also a thoughtful work about morality and aristocratic corruption with some spectacularly disturbing scenes. I doubt we’ll get the visual of a little boy forced to sleep on a pile of human shit, clinging to the prisoner next to him in his hopeless search for affection, but we can hear some of the stories of Ran-chan’s fellow prisoners and Tomu’s horror when he discovers the abuse accompanying his aristocratic position.

And imagine the music, the dances, that can go with it! If they do it right it’ll be a lot of flash and style to fit Zuka, but with roots in the disturbed cruelty Tomu uncovers. Pretty but disturbing, in other words, marrying Zuka romance to the narrative like Brothers K did.

...Or, we might get a dull, talky wangstfest. Or sop that ignores everything political in favor of Tomu and Ran-chan making googly eyes at each other.


I’m on the edge of taking a trip to see this one. But I’m not confident of the results, not because Hanagumi isn’t talented, but because I don’t know how it’s going to be written/directed/staged.

Is anyone going to see it, or has anyone seen the old version? I’d love a report. :D