Hanafusa Mari as Carmen

Something About Harry by Gene Weingarten

Not long before his death, Harry and I headed out for a walk that proved eventful. He was nearly 13, old for a big dog. Walks were no longer the slap-happy Iditarodsof his youth, frenzies of purposeless pulling in which we would cast madly off in all directions, fighting for command. Nor were they the exuberant archaeological expeditions of his middle years, when every other tree or hydrant or blade of grass held tantalizing secrets about his neighbors. In his old age, Harry had transformed his walk into a simple process of elimination -- a dutiful, utilitarian, head-down trudge. When finished, he would shuffle home to his ratty old bed, which graced our living room because Harry could no longer ascend the stairs. On these

walks, Harry seemed oblivious to his surroundings, absorbed in the arduous responsibility of placing foot before foot before foot before foot. But this time, on the edge of a small urban park, he stopped to watch something. A man was throwing a Frisbee to his dog. The dog, about Harry's size, was tracking the flight expertly, as Harry had once done, anticipating hooks and slices by watching the pitch and roll and yaw of the disc, as Harry had done, then catching it with a joyful, punctuating leap, as Harry had once done, too.

Harry sat. For 10 minutes, he watched the fling and catch, fling and catch, his face contented, his eyes alight, his tail a-twitch. Our walk home was almost jaunty.

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Hanafusa Mari as Carmen

Remi li~ves!

Remi is popping up here and there since retirement, though I have to search for it.


August 24th, Remi and Toyoko go see Tsukigumi's R&J! Many complaints that Toyoko did not put up a photo follow. ^^ (They were spotted again in January--this is apparently going to be a regular thing.)

October 17th, she goes to Disneyland with Hanagumi troupemates Mano Sugata and Aizumi Moeri.

November 11th, Ayano Kanami posts about the million seito, including Remi, that came to see her various plays. Picture. Thanks for the link, lara_kaulquappe!

Kanamin posts lovely pictures of herself and, near the bottom, one of her with a visiting Remi. Another awesome contribution from lara_kaulquappe.

November 23rd posting by a douki covering Remi's singing gig. Picture!

Emao Yuu's blog, December 14th, as a Remi with much shorter hair has yakiniku with Bun-san and Mimi. Picture!

Sawaki Rizu and Remi, who came to see Rizu's concert on December 30th. Thanks for the link, yumenotatsu!

Remi melts my brain with a makeup tutorial in 25ans magazine done by Yabuki Sho. Bonus Chie and So! A bigger picture of Remi's appearance here, plus a picture of her adorable Christmas present to Makiko Imaizumi.

Mano Sugata's blog, seeing the new "Phoenix Wright" with Miwa Asahi and...others. Cute pic!

January 27th, 2013: Remi guest-stars at Beni's ochakai to sing a song from "Me and My Girl" and chat! Apparently Beni fans love her. And there's a lot of 'em; this entry says "we had about 700 people, more than Ouki Kaname at her top star ochakai." Go Beni.

February 5th, Asahi Miwa talking about how she and Remi became friends. Pic!

February 10th, Remi goes to see Kanamin's play. Adorable pic with bonus Miwacchi.

March 13th, Remi visits classmate Coco's concert. Pic with Anji and Coco. Look at her hair! (Several blogs mention her MCing some event for Hankyu on the 14th, too, I think interviewing Masaki Ryu about BeruBara.)

Gearing up for a new Takarazuka Night concert with Amamiya Nao. They're doing "Takarazuka Night" at the end of March, and apparently singing at a friend's wedding March 16th.

The concerts, one-day Noh play, two magazine appearances as of January, speak well for her deciding on a future career--Hana-chan also started her post-Wao career with a couple small concerts and a play reading, while Ririko and Mari started with a few small concerts before moving on to plays--but I wonder if she'll stick with small stuff like Shirosaki Ai or move on to theater or TV?

*cracks up* Human anatomy FAIL!

Real women, according to Freudian theory as well as earlier authorities, experienced mature sexual gratification as a result of vaginal penetration to male orgasm and accepted no substitutes for the "real thing." The role of the clitoris in arousal to orgasm was systematically misunderstood by many physicians, since its function contradicted the androcentric principle that only an erect penis could provide sexual satisfaction to a healthy, normal adult female. That this principle relegated the experience of two-thirds to three-quarters of the female population to a pathological condition was not perceived as a problem.

This androcentric focus, in fact, in many cases effectively camouflaged the sexual character of medical massage treatments. Since no penetration was involved, believers in the hypothesis that only penetration was sexually gratifying to women could argue that nothing sexual could be occurring when their patients experienced the hysterical paroxysm during treatment. Even the nineteenth-century physicians who excoriated the speculum for its allegedly stimulating effects and questioned internal manual massage saw nothing immoral or unethical in external massage of the vulva and clitoris with a jet of water or with mechanical or electromechanical apparatus. Freudian and later interpretations of hysteria and masturbation helped undermine this camouflage, and when the vibrator, used in physicians' offices since the 1880s, began to appear in erotic films in the 1920s, the illusion of a clinical process distinct from sexuality and orgasm could not be sustained.

More: http://www.nytimes.com/books/first/m/maines-technology.html
Loki plots your doom.

Avengers. Hiddleston. Fandom.


...Saw Avengers.

...Kind of obsessed.

(Damn you, Joss!)

It reminded me of how much I loved superheroes. I think they're wrapped up in a lot of positive feelings for me, since they were such a big part of my childhood. I was a loopy, X-Obsessed teen, and it seems I never stopped, but just had to stop reading the comics when the writing turned to crap. I am as loopy obsessed as I ever was.

Also? Tom Hiddleston? SWEET CHRIST. *licks lj icon with him in it.*


(PS: Wow, there's a lot of Thor/Loki smutporn floating around. @_@)
Hanafusa Mari as Carmen

Remi's Last Day(s) Part Four: Demachi and Farewell Party

After the sayonara show, all the clubs rushed into position for demachi. Basically we lined up around the corner while regular demachi took place (we waited for like an hour, during which I wrote my notes about the play and sayonara show). Then, each club moved to stand in front of the other clubs and deliver their goodbye message as each taidansha left the building one at a time; the other clubs took care of applause and picture taking. ^^

We went from youngest to oldest, so Remi went before Rima and Toyoko. There were even more of us than for irimachi, so we made a decent showing when Remi came out with her bouquets.

Remi-chan, who made a white flower bloom for us, is the greatest musumeyaku. We love you!

We left after that, not waiting for other clubs, and went straight to Remi’s farewell party, already in progress with a bunch of other guests. We of the fanclub had like five minutes to eat before Remi made her appearance. That’s the only bad thing I can say about the evening; it was apparently rude to eat while Remi spoke, so we had no time for food! Darn.

I had no idea what a farewell party was, and it turns out it’s guests. Loads of ‘ziennes show up and cry with Remi that she’s leaving. Over an hour and a half, officiated by Remi’s graduated douki Himiya Sakura, we were visited by:

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PA Comfort

Remi's Last Day(s) Part Three: Senshuraku and Toyoko's Sayonara Show

I've heard ad-lib is a big thing for a senshuraku performance, but if anything was ad-libbed for Danza, I didn't notice it.

Celebrity was a different story. ^_^

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Then came time to prepare for Toyoko's sayonara show. While everyone set up, Yuzumi-san came out, thanked us, told us Hoshigumi's upcoming schedule, and read us Toyoko's sayonara message (the usual: thank you, I love Takarazuka, I'm so happy for your support). In it, Toyoko mentioned how she and Chie did shinkos together. Together, Toyoko wrote, they helped build the current troupe, and her gratitude was immense. I'd forgotten, but they have been troupmates since Chie debuted. That's like half their respective lives.

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The audience made the taidansha encore four times. The third time the stage had been cleared except for Chie and the taidansha. Chie and Toyoko exchanged an exaggerated exasperated look (everyone laughed), and Chie had everyone say goodbye one last time.

"Right," said Chie to us. "Thank you. Very. Very. Much." Another goofy "is this FINALLY it?" look with Toyoko.

The audience laughed--but then exploded into more demanding applause when the curtain went down. Finally Toyoko alone stepped out, bowing and thanking us.

When she went back behind the curtain, Chie's voice came over the loudspeaker: "This is really, REALLY the end of the show!"

And so it was.

Beautiful Remi

Remi's Last Day(s) Part Two: Irimachi

Standby was 7:15 AM by the theater; we got cards telling us what to say, rehearsed, and lined up. Which took awhile because everything was unusual. Rima Club (10 people) and Remi Club (about 40) lined up first, even before upperclassmen clubs.

Irimachi began at 7:30. Chie drove up in turquoise pants, a blue shirt, and boots. Her fanclub, just for regular irimachi, dwarfed Rima's and ours combined. The woman's eventual retirement is going to be epic.

Nene arrived early and her daihyo wore a Remi shirt under a Rima sweatshirt; Nene herself bowed to all of us. It turned out all daihyo that day wore Rima, Remi, or Toyoko wear. Is that normal? Last night I heard Hana and Tsuki had the "strict" fan clubs, but this still surprised me.

Yuzumi Mari has a daihyo! Yay, older musumeyaku love!

Makaze Suzuho wore purple plaid, ha.

Yuzurun, looking sharp in black jeans, a black vest/tie conbo, and a white shirt, looked tired but was still gracious. Her daihyo wore Remi wear. ^_^

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To be continued: Senshuuraku!
Hanafusa Mari as Carmen

Remi's Last Day(s) Part One: Sogenkai

Hey peeps. I don't have long, because tomorrow standby is at 7:15 AM--Remi Club is getting together to rehearse our goodbye message. It amazes me, how so many women do this as a social thing; they seek out stars to follow, and really enjoy getting together at the crack of dawn to see plays they might not even like a couple dozen times in a row. @_@ For me, only Remi could make me do this!

But I wanted to write some quick impressions before trying to sleep early.

Seeing Danza/Celebrity again, I don't have much to add to my earlier review. Danza was retooled a bit for Tokyo; Angelita came across a little softer, and her dance lead was longer (yay!) Makaze Suzuho was added into a scene at the Lua Azul, and I think Jose got more lines. Another Remi Club member who says she's seen the play about 20 times insists Toyoko and Remi added in an intimate scene where Toyoko strokes Remi's face in Celebrity too. ^^

They showed me pictures from Remi's ochakai--it was that or this, and I chose this--and who showed up, but AIHARA MIKA! She and Remi are apparently very good friends from back at TMS. Go figure.

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To bed. I hope!